• Tell a story which correlates to your business and meets your market demand​


  • Describe problem your market may have


  • Explain solutions 


  • You come up as solution maker and tell your market why you are the best and why they need to buy your product


  • They need what they want and they contact you right away, that's it!

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Those who've applied this strategy using my service

Have a Right-Brained  Marketing Strategy!

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Every one of us has childlike side

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One Call to Action Sample, get inspired!


No matter how beautiful your website is, you wont' make money unless you "take action"

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Hi, welcome right-brained people!


My name is Nurman, father of three cute kids, living in Bogor, Indonesia and I am a full time freelancer. 


I used to be editor and teach English and both were the longest career that I have ever had in life before I got laid off, but, thank God and thank to the Internet,  I already prepared this self-employed career by the time I was employed. Sure thing,  I've made my dream come true, working from home only, no boss, no jealous people, no traffic jams.


It's nice to be a self-taught person and now making money by doing my hobbies: drawing, writing, teaching, acting and more, becoming blogger, online marketer, animator and (Indonesian) voice over actor and more.


Let's get to know each other more closely and I look forward to drawing your business to life.


+62 81289078211

What clients say about me



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